News & Updates

  • Earth & Space Science for the Benefit of Humanity

    A collection of commentaries published in the journals of the American Geophysical Union illuminate the deep and growing benefits of research in the Earth and space sciences for humanity. This special collection presents a series of commentaries from across AGU's journals explaining and illustrating the relevance of Earth and space science research for the benefit of humanity--a key part of AGU's mission.

  • Short films on volcanic hazards and impacts

    Explore this international collaborative project called VolFilm, which is a collection short films on volcanic hazards and their impacts, which are now available to view download from Vimeo. These public information and educational films are the first in a planned series and cover pyroclastic flows and lahars with English, French and Spanish versions.

  • Three keys for graduate school success

    Read this interview with Professor Maureen Stabio (assistant professor at the University of Colorado-Denver Anschutz School of Medicine) from Tomorrow's Professor to learn about three important takeaways for success in graduate school. 

  • Federally Sponsored STEM Opportunities

    A number of agencies have joined forces to develop a comprehensive website that will serve as a one-stop shop for undergraduate and graduate students to find federally sponsored opportunities in STEM areas. These opportunities range from research internships to graduate student fellowships. Explore the site today, and learn about programs and fellowships that fit your interests.

  • Student Engagement Network Grant Program accepting applications

    The Student Engagement Network Grant Program is now accepting applications!

    Beginning in summer 2017, the Student Engagement Network will be awarding grants of up to $3,000 to support student experiential learning endeavors. Examples include financial support for unpaid internship or research opportunities, living expenses, travel costs, conference fees, and more.