A Secondary NGSS Weather Unit: Emphasizing High-Leverage Science and Literacy Practices within Three-dimensional Learning Context, February 14

This webinar, hosted by Jeff Thomas, Central Connecticut State University , will explore one-of-seven earth science units for middle school teachers, which focuses on NGSS Disciplinary Core Idea MS ESS2.D, Weather and Climate. This unit, titled "When Air Masses Collide," addresses how air masses are complex weather phenomena and how understanding the dynamics of them can help us predict the weather.

During the webinar, most core instructional and assessment activities from the unit will be shared. An emphasis will be given to the high-leverage science practices such as modeling, argumentation, and science explanation, including the pedagogical strategies that accompany these practices. In addition, we will highlight the literacy practices to support all learners that were seamlessly integrated as part of instructional and assessment practices throughout the unit. Registration deadline is February 12. Learn more about and register for this webinar here.

Publish Date: 
Thursday, February 14, 2019 - 11:45am